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Explainer Video – Design Challenge

2019 | Biotronic
Skills Challenge


I recently took the opportunity to making an explainer video as part of a “design challenge”.  As I didn’t have an example of this kind of work in my portfolio and I had some free time, I thought why not… 

The brief was basically: explain the product, alleviate fears of surgery.

This video is for portfolio purposes only and does not represent actual product information.


Production Team

Mark Pearce

Making Of

Initial Ideas


Creative process is messy. Especially mine.

I scribble key story points and images on a page, thinking about sequencing and messaging. Exploring ideas until I tie it into narrative I’m happy with.


Now write out the story and refine language.

I like pencils and paper more than digital tools when working on drafts. Your mileage may vary.

Then make an audio recording to start to check timing, and phrasing.


Combine the text and visuals with animation and direction notes for each shot.

Sketches + Voiceover
Illustrations + Music


Now I cut together the storyboard frames and the voice over track. To check timing and story.  Make adjustments to both as needed.

Then refine the sketches with actual illustrations. which then become assets and basis for the animation comps.

A Note on Audio

Remember the old adage:  “Sound is half the picture.”

That is an adage right? Should be.  Without voice, music and foley the animation is empty.

I used adobe audition to balance the levels on my home-made voiceover and to edit the stock music soundtrack to match the scene pacing.

Also my recording studio was a closet hung with heavy blankets….. with only a cell phone for a mic. I think I should indulge in some audio gear!