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Mark Pearce

Senior Designer



With a diverse career spanning two decades, I’ve done a lot.  My personal focus has been on motion design and interactive media. I’m a designer, animator and team leader. I like working with people to solve problems and make stuff that’s cool. I’ve worked in web, mobile, automotive, television, film and video games.

I’m a dedicated creative professional who brings a positive attitude and the pursuit of excellence to my work. Precision and communication are key. I’m accustomed to balancing technical and time constraints with achieving great results.


Things I’m good at

  • Problem Solving and Creative Thinking
  • Communication and Stakeholder Management
  • Team Leadership and Project Management
  • Motion Graphics and Compositing (After Effects)
  • Prototyping & Application Development (Unity, Javascript, QT Creator, Flash – once upon a time)
  • 2D Artwork and Interface Design (Illustrator, Photoshop)
  • 3d Animation (3D Studio Max)

Motion & Prototyping

Sr Manager, Design @

  • Recruited and led a multidisciplinary scrum team.
  • Led that team to create functional prototypes and innovation projects.
  • Managed external spending, contractors and suppliers.
  • Designed and built ‘Knightrider’ driving simulator.
  • Designed and created technology demonstrations for CES and other events.
  • Met with clients and senior executives to represent HERE products and services.

Location Services

Principal Motion Designer @
HERE, A Nokia companty

  • Delivered motion design across desktop, mobile and automotive products.
  • Defined brand aligned motion guidelines for product development.
  • Worked with Engineering to implement motion language on mobile devices.
  • Visualized and prototyped product concepts and user experinces.
  • Created ‘Unified’ video as part of the HERE Design Agenda.
  • Prototyped use of HUD and multiple screens for navigation in car.
  • Provided guidance and support to product teams on motion and transition topics.

Mobile Devices

Visual Designer @

  • Graphic design of store client on Nokia phones.
  • Coded functional (Android) prototype of device client, connected to online store database.
  • Created and maintained visual design spec in compliance with platform guidelines.
  • Worked in London(UK) with Nokia design on motion design for mobile OS and Apps.
  • Worked with interaction designers to ensure usability and user-centric approach.
  • Worked with software developer for implementing and iterating on user interface.
  • Created prototypes in QML and made changes in project version control.

Film & Television

Playback Artist @
Westmedia Film & Post

  • Created applications for computer playback on macOS and Windows.
  • Created apps for iPhone/iPad/Android using Flash and Actionscript 3.
  • 3D motion graphics on many TV productions and feature films.
  • Submitted breakdowns of scripted playback requirements to production.
  • Worked on-set with Playback Operator for presentation of graphics.
  • Coded a QuickTime media sequencer in Macromedia Director.
  • Prioritized work to meet tight deadlines and shooting schedules.

Production list:
Thor, Final Destination 5 ,This Means War, GI Joe, Iron Man 2, Transformers 2-3, Human Target, Supernatural,
V, Caprica, Defying Gravity, Firewall, Andromeda, Special Unit 2, Level 9

Film & Television

Compositor @
Supernatural Films

  • Created the title sequence for Warner Brothers TV series Supernatural season 3.
  • Combined CG, special effects and live action footage for visual effects shots on Supernatural.
  • Rotoscoping, colour correction, motion tracking (2D and 3D).

Video Games

Interface Artist @
Radical Entertainment,
Blue Castle Games, Backbone/Foundation 9

  • Agile software development.
  • Created interface graphics and animation for console and hand held video games.
  • Created front end graphics and in game HUD using Flash and Scaleform.
  • Created animations for team identity and game intro.
  • Coded casino mini-games in flash (AS2).
  • Maintained interface directory in version control.
  • Programmed layout tool which exported XML data for art placement and animation.
  • Worked closely with programmers to optimize performance and memory use.
  • Worked with game designers to identify interface requirements and iterate on design.

Titles list:
Scarface II(unreleased), Treadstone(unreleased), The BIGS, Sonic Rivals, Death Junior & the Science Fair of Doom, Monster Lab, Activision Anthology, Midway Live Arcade, Shadowborn


(It was the 90s!)
Freelance @

  • Founded a small studio with a friend, Ethereal Animation & Design.
  • Met with clients to identify project requirements and submit bids.
  • Led small development teams on many cd-rom, multimedia and broadcast projects.
  • Worked as a graphic designer and Lingo programmer.
  • Coded CD-ROM projects based on QuickTime and panoramic photography.
  • Created architectural pre-visualization of the Pacific-Cat fast ferries using 3D Studio.
  • Created 3d animations and motion graphics for Investor Relations and IPO presentations.

Key Clients:
Documentary Film Productions, EV Radvenis, Tilbury Cement/Construction Aggregates, Invert Adventures, Paramount Studios, CFI/BC Ferries, CP Hotels/ YVR, Neal McInerny Investor Relations, BCIT, Imago

Adult Education

Technical Illustrator@
BC Institute of Technology,
BC Maritime Employers Association, BC Hydro,
Interactive Training & Development

  • Created vector art for illustrations in training manuals.
  • Worked with writers to develop course material for industrial training.
  • Produced site maps, process schematics and equipment diagrams.
  • Created 3d animations of equipment in cross-sectioned views or with transparent parts, for teaching.
  • Photographed installations and interviewed engineers and equipment operators on site.
  • Read blue prints and process instrumentation drawings.